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Age Defying Foods is a healthy lifestyle website with articles devoted to showing how anti aging foods, vitamins & supplements can lead to improved life & longevity,

The body is remarkably resourceful. As we age, the body needs more nutrients and supplements to act the same as when we were younger. It takes what it gets and it does the best that it can. Many take vitamins because they know they aren’t eating like they should, but even some of those people are taking too much. What they don’t realize is that when they are taking too much, the liver must work overtime to rid the body of what it can not use. Unlike storing energy for later, the body can not store vitamins. If they are not useful, they are discarded. Those who take advanced nutrients might be doing more harm than good.

Between foods and vitamins, it is hard to know if we are getting what we need, or if we are overdoing it. The average person might need a multivitamin, but that is about all they need. If they are taking advance nutrients, they may be overloading their liver, making it work harder than it has to. Even those that eat very poorly might be surprised to find out that they really don’t need all of those extra things you can get when you stock up on advanced nutrients. Not only could these harm the body, they can drain the pocketbook needlessly.

There are some who will benefit from advanced nutrients in many forms. Children are often ones who have problems with eating, and they can get some benefit. Athletes are often in need of something a little extra, though not all of them will need this. High school children are probably okay with a good, balanced diet and a vitamin, but those who train all day and play professionally might need something extra in the form of advance nutrients. Others with some diseases and illnesses might also benefit.

However, this is not something the average person can ascertain for themselves. When someone wishes to take advanced nutrients for any reason, they should have a long talk with their doctor about the possibility. It might even be wise to go over a person’s average menu to see what might be missing. A change in diet might negate the need to spend money on and taking advanced nutrients. A doctor knows the score, and they can recommend what you need while looking out for a person’s health all at the same time. A nutritionist can also help, and might be even more helpful than a doctor at times. As long as someone is keeping an eye on things, everything should be just fine.

Look for nutrition in the organic foods you eat as well as the supplements and vitamins you take. A balanced approach to life is the best way to defy the aging process.

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